Adrian Hathaway is a freelance designer focused on crafting immersive digital experiences. He believes every project is an opportunity to deliver a unique and memorable digital experience that delights users and builds brand equity.


With over 6 years in the web design market in Canada, I’ve stood as one of the best Nova Scotia web design companies, evident in my winning digital strategies and client testimonials that highly recommend my web design services to magnify our clients’ web presence.

Each project is different and multiple factors determine the final investment of a website. These include the complexity of the design and animations, collections for dynamic content (for things like blog, careers, case studies, etc) third party integrations, if we require custom code, etc.

After our initial call, I will be able to provide you with a proposal breaking down all the steps of the process, including investment costs, and timeframes.

Roughly, I spend between 4 to 6 weeks on design and between 2 to 3 weeks for development. Of course, the complexity of the project, how responsive is your team to provide feedback or the amount of revisions that we need to spend on a given concept could affect the timeframes increasing or decreasing its time.

Apart from your hosting and any third party plugins you’d like to add to your website, there are no extra costs involved.

Well, it depends. You will be able to update most of the content of your website, including text and images, plus you’ll be able to create new blog articles, case studies, news, or anything that belongs to the content management system (CMS).

However, if you’re looking to alter the layout of a given section or page, or create a new static page, you will need to learn Webflow or have someone to help you out. I always try to be available for my clients and offer maintenance packages if this is something you need.

I do not use templates in custom website design work. All of my designs and web development projects are created from scratch and utilize all the available real estate on the screen. The key to creating beautiful websites is to avoid being constrained or confined by the limitations of a template.

I do not take on web development or digital marketing projects with website designs or software development created by another agency.

To deliver the results my clients expect, I need to follow the entire process from strategy through development.

However, accepting a web development project of this nature requires significant time to analyze the website to understand how it works, how it’s built and how everything is connected. In particular, a custom e-commerce site may have many third-party integrations that require additional attention as well.

In the end, the cost is close to a new custom website design or web development, but often with only limited improvements, which doesn’t represent the level of customer service I like to provide my clients.